-Click the dpi setting you want to customize then change the dials on the right. The selected setting that is being changed will be highlighted in a lighter grey. 
-To shift between dpi settings on your actual mouse (outside of the software) use buttons 6 and 7 behind the scroll wheel. The one in use will have a red color for the digits.


-If you want to revert back to default, change effect to "Steady" and the color to 255R, 0G, 255B.


-Opening this software will turn on the feature to Improve Pointer Precision. It is highly suggested to try turning this off to see what you like (many of us on the Noble 5 Team prefer it this way)!


-Software defaults to 250Hz. However it is highly likely that you will find the mouse has less issues at 500 or 1000Hz if you have a more modern monitor. 


+Restore will change the settings of your profile to software default. If you ever run into issues then clicking Restore should fix it.
+Software has right hand and left hand mode activation in top left
+Buttom programming on the left
+You can switch between multiple profiles on the bottom left
+Color changing by DPI level is not a feature at this time.